Turkish Citizenship For Saudi Arabians

Turkish Citizenship For Saudi Arabians

Turkish Citizenship For Saudi Arabians

Nowadays many foreigners benefit from the Citizenship Investment Program of Turkey, whereby the investors making minimum USD 400,000 USD investment in Turkey get the right to become Turkish citizen.

For the last 15 years, Saudi Arabian nationals have a tendency to live in Turkey either for short term or long term especially due to having same religion with Turkish people, so that they find a Muslim society and Muslim environment in Turkey. Together with the start of Citizenship Investment Program of Turkey in 2018, rather than only visiting Turkey or living in Turkey, Saudi nationals also prefer to become Turkish citizen together with their families’.

How to Benefit From Citizenship by Investment Program for Saudi Arabia Nationals?

To become Turkish citizen by investment, the applicant must made a qualifying investment in Turkey. Different types of investment options are available for citizenship as listed below:

  • Real Estate Option: Purchase of one or more real estate(s) with a total value of minimum USD 400,000.
  • Cash Deposit Option: Deposit minimum USD 500,000 in cash to a bank in Turkey with condition to keep the amount in bank account for the following 3 years period.
  • Capital Investment Option: Making fixed capital investment of minimum USD 500,000 in a business in Turkey.
  • Employment Option: Establish a business in Turkey and employ at least 50 employees.
  • Government Bond Option: Purchase government bond (government debt instruments) with a value of minimum USD 500,000.
  • Fund/Venture Capital Option: Purchase real estate investment fund share or shares of a venture capital investment fund with a value of minimum USD 500,000.

As seen above, even though there are many options available for investment, the most preferable options has been to buy real estate (property) in Turkey as it costs half of the other investment options, so in practice many investors prefer to buy real estate in Turkey to satisfy the investment requirement for Turkish citizenship.

Turkish Citizenship For Saudi Arabians

What is the Benefits of Turkish Citizenship by Investment?

One of the most attractive aspects of the citizenship by investment of Turkey is that only the investor but also the spouse of the investor and children under 18 also get the right to become Turkish citizen together with the main applicant (the investor).

Beside, to become Turkish citizen by investment, the applicant is not required to live in Turkey even a short while or is not required to have even a basic level of Turkish.

Also the applicants and his family will have the opportunity to benefit from free education system in Turkey and free medical service (health facilities) provided by Turkish state.

For other benefits and advantages of being Turkish citizen by investment please visit our website: www.citizenshipsturkey.com

Turkish Citizenship For Saudi Arabians

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