Turkish Citizenship for Iranians

Turkish Citizenship for Iranians

Turkish Citizenship for Iranians

Having same border and same religion with Turkey, the Iranians are the nation which is mostly interested in being Turkish citizen by investment. Indeed the Turkish citizenship by investment program attracts many foreigners other than Iranians; however, due to having a very similar culture and common history throughout the centuries, the Iranians is listed as the 1st among the other countries who have benefited from Turkish citizenship by investment according to the official data announced by the Turkish government.

What are the Investment Requirements for Turkish Citizenship

Many investment options are available under the current citizenship regulations in order to become Turkish citizen by investment such as cash deposit into a bank in Turkey, capital investment in a Company in Turkey or purchasing government bond/debt instruments.

On the other hand, the most favorite investment option for the applicants is to buy a real estate in Turkey. This is option is widely preferred by the applicants since for all the other options (cash deposit, capital investment in a Company or purchasing government bond/debt instruments etc.) the minimum investment threshold is USD 500,000; whereas in buying real estate (property) option the minimum threshold is only USD 400,000. Therefore, buying real estate option is more reasonable in terms of amount and in terms of return of the investment comparing to the other options.

These investment options above are also applicable for Iranians, which means they must satisfy one of the investment options above to become Turkish citizen by investment.

 Turkish Citizenship for Iranians

The Benefits/Advantages of Turkish Citizenship

  • The citizenship by investment process to be finalized around 3-5 months.
  • Together with the main applicant (the investor), possible to get citizenship for the applicant’s spouse and children under 18 years old.
  • No residency requirement or language requirement to become Turkish citizenship.
  • Having Turkish passport provides the citizens visa-free travel to approx. 110 countries throughout the world.
  • Citizenship transferrable to children and all other descendants.
  • Turkish citizens may freely benefit from free education system and free medical service (health facilities) provided by Turkish state.


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