Our Services During Citizenship Process

1 2-3 days

Discussion and Agree on the Road Map with the Client

We discuss the investment options and citizenship submission process with the clients and decide on a road map with the client.

2 1-2 weeks

Preparation Stage

  • Obtaining Tax ID number for the applicants
  • Collecting all required documents by the client (the detailed list of documents is provided to the client by us)
  • We will check and confirm the eligibility of the documents

3 2-3 weeks

Investment Stage (real estate purchase, cash deposit etc.)

  • Help and advise the client finding the real estate in Turkey
  • Check the Assessment Report of the real estate and confirm its eligibility for citizenship process
  • Draft and review of the real estate sale agreement (if any)
  • Filing the submission to the Land Registry for the real estate ownership transfer process
  • Follow and finalize all land registry procedures for the real estate ownership transfer
  • Getting Conformity Certificate (Eligibility Certificate) for the Real Estate

4 1 week

Residence Permit Stage

  • Preparation and filing the submission for the Residence Permit
  • If the applicant had a previous residency permit, it must be changed to investment residencyin order to be eligible for the Turkish Citizenship purposes

5 Around 3-4 months

Citizenship Submission Stage

  • Filing the submission for Turkish Citizenship
  • If interview is required by the Citizenship Office, accompany the client in the interview and submission process of the citizenship
  • Submitting fingerprints (biometrics)
  • Finalize the citizenship submission
  • Collecting the Turkish Passport and Turkish ID