Getting Turkish Citizenship by Investment for Lebanese

Getting Turkish Citizenship by Investment for Lebanese

Getting Turkish Citizenship by Investment for Lebanese

Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program attracts many foreigners who would like to have a second passport and find the opportunity to enjoy living in Turkey as a Turkish natural citizen.

Many Lebanese, together with their families, benefit from thiscitizenship opportunity due to the historical relations between Turkey/Ottoman Empire and Lebanon, as well as having same the religion and similar culture.

Even though for having the Turkish Citizenship by investment different investment options are available, the Lebanese, like many other foreigners, prefer to buy real estate not less than USD 400,000, which enables them to duly have Turkish Citizenship.  

When a Lebanese becomes Turkish citizen by benefiting from Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program, he/she may enjoy all the civil rights enjoyed by the natural citizens of Turkey, including but not limited to visa-free travelling to more than 100 countries.

The Citizenship by Investment Program is a fairly short process, which finalized within 4-5 months under normal circumstances. During that process the applicant is not expected to be present in Turkey or to declare his/her asset and/or income in his/her home country or in anywhere around the world.

Advantages of being a Citizenship of Turkey

Turkey is the weight at the international level, the sound is heard, the role and the effect is a country seen by anyone who loves to work and produce. Thus, it is welcomed by the whole world from Asia to Europe. Therefore, no matter where the Turkish product or producer is welcome. Shortly, Turkey between the Far East and Near East Asia will be a hub of European civilization with the ancient and modern western world. Turkish citizens will be valued by all countries and the doors will be opened for their products and exports. All these features of the Turks in Turkey and will become effective in a large portion of the world appeared to live a comfortable and easy way. Being a Turkish citizen has become a dream for many people, and having a Turkish passport has become a source of pride and a real gift that makes you feel a nation with a history and a future. With the latest regulations, the conditions for being a Turkish citizen by making real estate investments were facilitated and legal gates were opened.