Frequently Asked Questions

What is Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program?
The Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program offers eligible individuals/their families the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship/Turkish passport on the conditions of making a qualifying investment in Turkey.
What are the General Requirements for Obtaining Turkish Citizenship?
  • Make an eligible investment in Turkey
  • Keep the investment for a minimum of 3 years following the investment date
  • Not to have certain criminal convictions on the applicant’s criminal records in Turkey
  • The main applicant must be at least 18 years old at the time of the submission.
  • Not have entered or stayed illegally in Turkey before
What are the Investment Options for Citizenship?
  • Real Estate Option: Purchase of one or more real estate(s) with a total value of minimum USD 400,000 (or equivalents amount in another currency) with condition not to sell the property within the following 3 years period.
  • Cash Deposit Option: Deposit minimum USD 500,000 (or equivalents amount in another currency) in cash to a bank in Turkey with condition to keep the amount in bank account for the following 3 years period.
  • Capital Investment Option: Making fixed capital investment of minimum USD 500,000 (or equivalents amount in another currency) in a business in Turkey and the investment for the following 3 years period.
  • Employment Option: Establish a business in Turkey and employ at least 50 employees.
  • Government Bond Option: Purchase government bond (government debt instruments) with a value of minimum USD 500,000 (or equivalents amount in another currency) with the condition not to sell the instruments for the following 3 years period.
  • Fund/Venture Capital Option: Purchase real estate investment fund share or shares of a venture capital investment fund with a value of minimum USD 500,000 (or equivalents amount in another currency) with the condition to keep the shares for the following 3 years period.
How long does the Turkish Citizenship Process Take?

The process starts with making the investment in Turkey and ends with the submission for citizenship process. Under normal circumstances, the whole process of citizenship is finalized around 3-5 months. 

Does Turkey Allow Dual Citizenship?

Yes, you may also keep your original citizenship together with the Turkish citizenship. Turkish Citizenship Law Firm, we are with you throughout the entire process.

How long does the Investor Need to Keep the Investment?

3 years following the date of the investment. So for the real estate option, you are not allowed to sell the real estate to third person within 3 years following the date of purchase.

Once I Get Turkish Citizenship, will I Legally Allowed to Work in Turkey?

Yes, you may freely work in Turkey.

Do I have a Basic Level of Turkish to Apply for Turkish Citizenship?

No. There is no Turkish language requirement to apply for Turkey’s citizenship by investment program.

Does the Applicant have to live in Turkey for a Certain Period of Time before or after Citizenship Process?

No, there is no residency requirement in Turkey either before or after obtaining Turkish citizenship. You can keep living abroad after obtaining Turkish citizenship.

On the Date of Filing the Submission and During the Citizenship Submission Process, Do I have to physically be Present in Turkey?

No. We may follow all the citizenship process on your behalf without your presence in Turkey as soon as you provide us a Power of Attorney to follow such process. On the other hand, you must provide fingerprints which is the final stage of the submission process; so you must only travel once to Turkey to finalize the citizenship submission process.

Is the Turkish Citizenship Valid For Life? Even if I Sell the Real Estate after Three Years?

Yes, once you acquire the Turkish citizenship, it will be valid for life and it would be transferrable to children and all other descendants.

You are allowed to sell the real estate after three years following purchase of the real estate; still your citizenship survives forever.


Am I required to Get Turkish Name to Obtain Citizenship?

You are free to keep your original name; however, you may also prefer to get a new Turkish name and surname.

Is there any Limitation in Number of Family Members that may apply for Citizenship Together with the Main Applicant (The Investor)?

It is possible to obtain Turkish citizenship for the Investor (Main Applicant) as well as for all the family members: spouses and children below 18 years old. There is actually no limitation on the total number of family members (applicants).

However, children above 18 years old or the parents of the Main Applicant is not eligible to benefit from citizenship opportunity due to the investment made by the Main Applicant.

Once Being Granted with Turkish Citizenship, is it Compulsory to Exercise Military Services in Turkey?

The applicants, are all exempted from military service, provided that he is at least 22 years old as of the date of obtaining the Turkish citizenship. That means the applicants below 22 years old shall be liable for military service in Turkey. 

If I buy some Part of the Real Estate (Share in the Real Estate), will I still be eligible for the Citizenship?

Yes. As soon as the value of the part (share) you purchase in the real estate is over USD 400,000.

How the Authorities Check and Confirm the Real Value of the Real Estate?

The applicant must get a valuation (appraisal) report from appraisal organizations as accredited by Board of Capital Markets of Turkey. So, if it is confirmed in that appraisal report that the real value of the real estate is over USD 400,000 then you would be accepted to be eligible for the citizenship.

This report is effective for three months from the date of issue.

How Should I Calculate the Value of the Investment in USD, if the investment was actually made in another Currency?

In case the sale price of the investment is in other currency than USD, the value is calculated according to the effective exchange rate announced by the Turkish Central Bank (TCMB) for the date just before the date of investment.

Do You Sell Real Estate?

No. We are lawyers, so we are not selling real estate. However, we may help client in identifying the real estate in Turkey.

However, on your behalf we follow the legal process for real estate ownership transfer before the Land Registry.


Should the Investment of Minimum USD 400,000 be in a Single Property? If the Applicant Invests into Two or More Separate Properties, Will He Still be Eligible to Apply for Citizenship?

Turkey Citizenship by Investment program allows the investors/main applicants to invest into multiple properties/units. Provided that the total amounts of the real estates purchased exceed USD 400,000 you will be eligible to apply for citizenship.

Am I Allowed to Buy any Type of Real Estate for Turkish Citizenship Purposes?

Yes. You may buy commercial property (office) or residential property or simply you may purchase a land.

However, if the foreigner purchases a pure land without a building on it, within 2 years following the date of purchase he must submit a construction project to the relevant Ministry varying on the type of the project.  The completion date of the project is to be determined mutually between the Ministry and the foreigner investor.

In Bank Deposit Option, Am I Allowed to Earn Interest on the Deposited Amounts?

Yes, it is possible to earn regular interest on the deposited amount.